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On the road

We offer our services on the road, just call and we're ready to help you at anytime.


At the shop

Of course all our available services can be done at our shop directly, we have everything needed.



We focus on assistance for your business and we are available during the night like the day.

Industrial/Electromechanic & Welding

assistance industrielle

24/7 Assistance

We offer a 24/7 assistance for any type of weld/mechanic job, we're always up and ready for a call.


Standard Welds

We are able to weld anything, you can approach us for a specific private project or an industrial work.

Dismantling & Moving

We offer a complete range of moving services including dismantling of your industrial equipment.

remplacement employe

Employee Location

Do you need more arms? We offer you the possibility to temporary hire our employees for specific jobs.

reparations industrielles

Industrial Repairs

Hydrolic, Electric & Pneumatic high quality repairs. We work fast and deliver the best quality work.

installations industrielles

Industrial Installations

We are able to install almost any type of industrial machine. There is no limit to our installation service, just ask.

mecanique industrielle

Agricultural Installations

We install any type of machines or equipment for agricultural businesses.

soudure custom

Custom Welds

We develop personalized projects. Any project shines brightly in our hands, contact us for any question.



At JCM, we are able to refurbish industrial engines, gears, equipment & more.


Industrial Mechanic

Industrial Masters
• Meticulous care.
• Restoration.
• Maintenance.
With a passion for precision,
we lovingly attend to each machine, restoring it to its former glory.
We ensure that every machine leaves our hands revitalized.

soudure industrielle


Everything's understood.
Each weld is unique.
We take pride in our ability,
to adapt to any challenge.
From structural integrity to aesthetic appeal, our welders are equipped with the skills and knowledge to fulfill your vision with meticulous attention to detail. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations in every project we undertake.

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We have one of the most advanced metal cutter in the world, the famous BROCO Rankin Torch.

We are ready to PIERCE, CUT & GOUGE everything!

coupe exothermique
coupure exothermique
  • Operating at high temperature eliminates need for surface preheating.
  • Fastest cutting of cast iron, stainless and non-ferrous metals saving time and money
  • Repairs made without raising burrs on bearings and bushings
  • No carbon deposits eliminating need for surface grinding and gouge cleaning.
  • Broco Prime Cut cutting rods bend to hard-to-reach places
  • Safer than other equipment because there is no requirement for high amperage or potentially dangerous acetylene
  • Increase operator comfort with less noise, smoke, and noxious gases than air carbon arc systems